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Hollyhock Farm Alpacas

My husband and I brought our first alpacas home in 2002 - 2 pregnant females.  Since then we have had many babies (called crias) born on our little farm.  We owned un-related males, but all our other alpacas are the offspring of those first 2 females.


In 2006, I left the corporate world to work full time in the alpaca business.  Besides breeding and raising the animals, I work with their wonderful fiber.  We shear the alpacas every spring - even in Minnesota they would be way too hot in the summer if they were not shorn annually.  


In 2015, our business changed again.  With a geographical move off the farm, we decided to expand the creative side of the business. With the addition of a needle felting machine, we are adding needle felted products to our line of hand-made items.  At the same time, we have decided to purchase fiber rather than raise our own, giving us more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of fiber production.

Hollyhock Gift Shoppe

Visit our online shopping to securly purchase many items made of alpaca and alpaca blends.

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